Postpartum period is the period right after child birth, which extends to approximately six weeks. This period is critical for new mothers and their babies; it is a time for them to take good care of themselves. After childbirth, the mother should stay at home and take rest for approximately 40 days. Careful monitoring of the mother’s bowel, bleeding and bladder function can help them regain their physical strength. Postpartum blues refer to the postnatal depression new mothers go through after delivery. Their psychological function is essential to improve bonding between the mother and the child.Now you must be wondering, if taking rest for 40 days is enough to recuperate?
Of course, not. Hence, we have provided a few simple tips below that can help you keep your postpartum-complications minimal, while maintaining good health after childbirth:

Diet and Nutrition

Add vegetables like beans, beets, leafy greens and carrot to your diet that can help to nourish the body and enable bowel movements. Avoid vegetables like potatoes, cauliflower and cabbage for the first 3 weeks after childbirth. New mothers should also avoid leftovers and consume fresh, organic food. Do not miss any of your medications recommended by the doctor. Also, eat on time to prevent acidity problems.

Oil Massages

New mothers should get oil massages. They help increase blood circulation and reduce muscle pain along with reducing postpartum stress. These massages can be done with:

Coconut oil

– Massage with coconut oil gives a cooling, hydrating effect on the body. Applying coconut oil on the belly can help reduce stretch marks.

Almond oil

– Massage with almond oil can help reduce inflammation, stretch marks and muscle pain. It also improves skin complexion.

Sesame oil

– It has cooling properties, which helps reduce postpartum stress and blood pressure.

[NOTE: If you had a C-section, consult your doctor before getting a massage]

Hot Water Bath

Neem leaves are a natural antiseptic. Bathe in warm water containing neem leaves to help soothe tired and aching muscles. Use only soaps recommended by your doctor instead of commercial soaps.

Belly Binding

After bathing, you can tie your tummy with belly binder or a cloth. It is believed that belly binding can help reposition the womb along with reducing stretch marks. It can also help reduce bloating and gas problems.

Always remember, it is not only necessary for a mother to take care of herself, but also for the family to make sure she gets all the help and affection she needs in order to recover after childbirth.

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