Asthmatic people have a complicated relationship with exercise. On one hand, there are certain exercises that can strengthen their lungs and enable them to fight off asthma; on the other hand, there are certain exercises that will only exacerbate their condition and make it worse. Find out, which exercises to practise and which ones to avoid.

Exercises Safe for Asthma Patients

Asthmatic patients may think that all forms of exercises will make their condition worse, which is why they avoid it at all costs. However, this makes them lazy leading to weight gain. Significant weight gain can actually aggravate asthma and other breathing disorders. Read the following work out tips to ease the breathing process, while exercising:

  • During a work out, breathe in through the nose, and breathe out through the mouth.
  • Start off with an easier exercise that gets you just slightly out of breath.
  • Dont forget to include warm up and cool down sessions before and after your work out


It is the best form of exercise for asthmatic patients. Walking moderately to briefly, about 3 times a week for a straight 12 weeks can improve fitness levels without provoking an asthma attack.


Breathing exercises are an essential part of practising yoga and they help activate more areas of the lung, thus reducing vulnerability to asthma attacks. Practising regular Hatha Yoga for 2.5 hours a week, for a stretch of 10 weeks, will start to decrease in the usage of asthma medication.

Leisure biking

Some light biking along plain and uncluttered roads, preferably somewhere where the air is fresh (in a park or by a lake) can improve the fitness levels of asthmatic patients.

Racquet Sports

Sports like tennis or badminton can be played at slower pace than most other outdoor sports. These require bursts of energy, while allowing frequent intervals to get refreshed in between.


This is the best exercise-cum-sport for asthmatic people because you’re basically breathing in air that is warm and moist, and won’t dry out your nasal passages.

Exercises Unsafe for Asthma Patients

Exercises that get you panting and completely out of breath are likely to trigger asthma attack. These vigorous exercises cause you to huff and puff, which is basically breathing in through your mouth, which causes unfiltered air to enter into your lungs and leads to problems in breathing. The trick for asthma patients is to take a break and catch up on their breath the minute they start feeling even a little breathless. This is the reason why asthmatic people should ignore rigorous activities like marathon running, mountain biking, cross country skiing, etc.

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