Sneezing constantly? You might have allergic rhinitis.

What is that?

Allergies can be rather annoying. Especially if you’re not sure what exactly you are allergic to. Sometimes everything from pollen and dust to cobwebs, fungus and skin flakes can cause allergic reactions. Anything that can cause an allergy is known as an allergen.  When an allergen enters your nose, it irritates the inner lining and causes it to inflame, triggering sneezes, watering eyes, a runny or stuffy nose and itching. This is called allergic rhinitis. It is an immune reaction where the allergens activate the cells to release chemicals that cause inflammation.

According to a study, about 11 percent of Indian adults and 10 percent of children had allergic rhinitis, and it was more common in older people.

Allergic rhinitis can interfere with sleep and cause fatigue and headaches. The symptoms, a lot like cold symptoms, last for as long as the allergen irritates the nose. If your allergen is the pollen of a particular summer flower, then you’d probably spend the spring and summer sneezing away. If your allergen is dust, then you’d sneeze whenever there is dust around. Some people even sneeze whenever their nose lining gets too dry.

The symptoms can be mild and manageable, or severe and relentless, depending on your allergies.


Trying to evade the allergens is always a good idea to prevent another allergic reaction. Clearing dust and using nose masks can also help. Cleaning the house regularly is good, however, try not to use strong, pungent chemicals like bleach which might irritate the nose. Sleeping with the head elevated can reduce nasal congestion. Do not have any indoor plants, as that might aggravate the problem.

Still, it is impossible to prevent the problem from happening ever again.

There are medicines that can be taken. Anti – histamines are normally prescribed, as they prevent inflammation and help with the symptoms. Nasal sprays with corticosteroids also help with the sneezing. Another method is immunotherapy, where the allergen is identified and steps are taken to subdue your body’s response to the allergen. There are also Ayurvedic and Homeopathic treatments available as well.

Allergic rhinitis can be challenging to deal with, especially as sneezing continuously can take a toll on your body. Prevention methods and medication can help bring it under control.

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