Even in these current times, the majority of the parents don’t want to deal with the fact that their teenage children may be having sex. Let alone contemplating the prospect that they might get pregnant. However, preventing pregnancy is all about taking the right precaution, at the right time.

Teenage pregnancy and parenthood are closely connected with a swarm of communal and monetary issues.  These issues can have an effect on teen-parents, their kids and society. Teenage mothers are more likely to terminate high school and live in poverty. This, however, depends on their financial background and support system. Teenage parent’s children are possibly more likely to have children with health and cognitive disadvantages.

There are some strategies and tips that can be taken to help teenagers prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Parental involvement

Majority of Indian parents don’t like to think of their children as being sexually-active. However, the reality is that they actually are having sex. Parents should involve themselves in providing guidance to their child on how to get out of complex situations. They should build up their child’s sense of worth and help them realize that their body is valuable and worthy.

Guiding children to admire oneself

It is the job of the parents to motivate and encourage their daughters and sons to be concerned about themselves both psychologically and physically. They should have self-control and learn to say ‘no’ to things they are not comfortable with.

Having THE sex talk

It is very important for parents to sit down with their daughters or sons and share all the issues related to sex. This information will further help them to make the right decisions about their own bodies, themselves, and their future.

Laying out the penalty

Parents need to be frank and open to their daughters. They should discuss with them the consequences of teenage pregnancy. It is linked with a lot of financial, physical, and psychological factors.

Hence, to help your child to avoid teenage pregnancy they need to know the difference between good and bad sexual-practices. They should also learn to prevent situations, which might have an adverse impact on their lives.

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