Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can be a lonely, frustrating and devastating journey for those who have been affected by it. Not only does it wreak physical havoc, it is a psychological rabbit hole that can send a man into the depths of depression, and cause strained relationships and personal insecurities. What many may not realise is that erectile dysfunction is curable, although the time before and during the treatment may prove difficult.

Acknowledging ED as a problem

Being open with one’s partner is imperative in overcoming this disorder. Being honest about the experience and sharing one’s anxiety will help in the road to recovery. Also, random inability to produce an erection does not necessarily point to Erectile Dysfunction. Remember, stressful phases in life and alcohol inebriation can also cause a temporary dysfunction. However, if the problem persists over a prolonged period, it can indicate that there is a larger problem at hand.

Managing erectile dysfunction

Coping with and combating erectile dysfunction largely depends on the age of the man experiencing it. In younger men, ED is generally spurred by psychological factors such as anxiety, stress, sexual abuse as a child or partner-related issues, whereas older men are usually affected by physical factors such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes and other associated health risks.

Psychological issues can be treated through counseling to identify how the ED is related to underlying issues and therapy to remove those fears. There are a number of support groups that operate as well, to assist those affected through a holistic wellbeing approach. Antidepressants are another route. However, antidepressants can also cause or induce impotence; hence it is essential that a doctor be consulted before any medication is consumed.

Where there is a reason to believe that the erectile dysfunction is due to underlying disease or health conditions, it is best to consult a doctor, who will diagnose the problem and initiate the appropriate treatment. In most of these instances, the erectile dysfunction is reversible, or can be managed with medication to improve blood flow to the penis and maintain turgidity. Penile implants, surgery and natural remedies are other treatment options.

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