How much can cycling cost you? Your sex life, it appears.For men, the benefits of fresh air combined with a cardiovascular work-out on a bike, can now spell trouble in the bedroom. With the body pressed against the saddle, critical arteries and veins leading to the penis are packed down, resulting in discomfort, numbness and erectile dysfunction (ED). The region that is affected the most during intense biking is the perineum; the area between the scrotum and the anus, that supports this vast network of blood vessels.

“The earliest warning sign is numbness or tingling.”

Irwin Goldstein, MD & Director of San Diego Sexual Medicine on WebMD

In his interview to WebMD, Goldstein says that even young men can experience these symptoms and those most susceptible are riders who take to the cycle for more than three hours per week. He advocates a straight posture for riders and recommends replacing the saddle seat with a no-nose seat that allows the man’s buttocks to rest evenly across its surface. However for professional cyclists, it’s a tough tradeoff, because competitive riders claim that they need a nosed seat in order to gain more control and power over the bike.

But for the rest of us health bikers, it’s clear that a lot of biking is going to sabotage us in the bedroom. The traditional saddle compresses the artery and the nerves, whichever angle you sit. So a wider seat actually lets you sit farther back and takes the pressure off. Also, unpadded seats reduce the penile flow far more than padded seats. For cyclists who regularly cycle every day, it makes sense to shift to a wider seat with adequate padding. Try this and you won’t need to give up your cycle for the action between the sheets.




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