You may be familiar with dust, pollen or peanut allergy, but did you know that almost everything in the environment could be an allergen, according to Dr. Matthew Zirwas at the Werner Medical Centre, Ohio. There are lesser-known substances that can be found lying around your house, which can cause allergic reactions.

What are allergies?

An allergen can cause an exaggerated response of the immune system. It is caused by substances that the body recognises as a foreign invader. Allergies can develop at any time throughout adulthood and are mainly caused by environmental factors. The most common forms of allergies are nasal, eye and food allergies. Research has suggested the presence of genetic pre-disposition towards allergens, although substantial evidence on this matter has not been found.

Rare allergens

This article explores rarer allergens that you maybe exposed to on a daily basis.


Yes, some people are allergic to one of the main necessities for survival. They get red, itchy patches, called hives, on their skin when it comes in contact with water. The hives go away after 15 minutes to half an hour. Anti-histamines, allergy medication, can also be given to relieve the symptoms.


Cheap silver-coloured jewellery, actually made with nickel, can cause allergic contact dermatitis that is an itchy rash. According to Dr. McGrath, from McGrath Medical, about 3% of men and 17% of women are allergic to nickel. In order to solve the problem, Dr. McGrath recommended on, to switch to 14-karat gold jewellery or high-quality sterling silver. These precious metals are less-reactive compared to other metals.

Cell Phones and tablets

Phones have become an essential part of our lives, coming next to food, water and shelter. However, if you have a metal allergy, coming into contact with metallic devices like phones and tablets that contain nickel or cobalt, can lead to severe rashes. The rash can be present on the person’s face, hands, ears, or even eyes. Metal allergies are present for life therefore, it is advisable to use a protective case for your device.

There are several allergens present in our environment. Allergies can be present during particular seasons or may exist through-out our life. If you are having an allergy, but can’t identify the allergen, then you may be having a rare allergy. In order to get a better understanding of allergic reactions consult a doctor soon.

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