There has been a lot of talk of facial acne. It’s unsightly and so we try everything we can to get rid of it. However, in 61 percent of acne cases, the pustules are in the back and the chest.

Surprised? This is called truncal acne.

Truncal acne

This is just acne that appears in the chest, back and upper arms. It is just like facial acne. It itches, hurts and leaves scarring behind. It is also caused by oil or sebum clogging up pores and hair follicles. When these get affected by bacteria, a pimple erupts there after forming whiteheads. Sad thing is, while acne here is prone to appear during puberty, they are there to stay for much longer and can appear at any age really. They are more prevalent in males, while females find that they get more pimples in the face. The acne can be rather painful and sore.

The skin in the body is thicker than in the face, so the treatment differs. Also, the skin is covered by clothes. So it’s an easy trigger when clothes rub against the skin and trap the sweat there. The friction of clothes, especially thick clothes can irritate the skin further and it may then take longer for the acne to heal. Dandruff flakes, Polycystic Ovaries (PCOD) and improper shaving or waxing could lead to back acne, especially for people with sensitive skin. Even the heat form previous laser treatments can cause

How to treat it?

Truncal acne is just as bad as facial acne and need to treat it.

  1. Keep the area clean and dry. Scrub the area well during showers.
  2. Wear cotton clothes that allow air circulation.
  3. Do not touch the acne spots.
  4. Never squeeze back acne either. It’ll cause some nasty scars.
  5. Don’t eat a lot of oily, sugary processed food. Avoid high sugar containing beverages. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  6. Expose the area to sunlight for a few minutes.
  7. Dabbing sea water on the spots can help reduce the bacteria and the pus in the pimples.
  8. Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated and maintain an active lifestyle.
  9. Topical ointments like retinoids prescribed by the doctors can be applied on the pimples.

Truncal acne can be as frustrating as facial acne. If it isn’t treated it can lead to a lot of scarring. Follow treatments and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Soon those ugly spots will be a thing of the past!

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