How Do you Tackle Cellulite?

Nobody wants cellulite hanging off their bellies and thighs. It is a common, albeit unwelcome addition to most people’s bodies as they grow older. Yet, there are ways to tackle it and make it less noticeable.

Exercise Right

Cellulite may not disappear entirely, but if the underlying muscles are toned through regular exercise, the cellulite will look less apparent. This can be achieved through a three-pronged approach: a healthy diet, brisk exercise and muscle toning.

Eat Fiber

Eating fiber can help stock your body with the right essential nutrients. Not only that, but they provide your body with useful calories, as opposed to refined foods that contain empty calories and aid in adding fat to your body, especially in those areas prone to cellulite formation.

Lose Weight

The trouble with cellulite is that it can show regardless of whether you’re slim or on the heavier side. However, it can look more evident on more heavyset people. Shedding a few kilos gradually can help reduce the effects of cellulite. Avoid crash diets, as they will end up giving you loose skin.

Stop Smoking

Smoking stunts the blood supply to your skin, making the surface of your skin delicate and more likely to sag. Specific areas such as those on your arms, thighs and belly are most likely to show cellulite as a result.

Massage Cellulite Zones

Massaging dimpled zones on the body can stimulate blood flow and eliminate excess fluids. Targeting these zones once or twice a day can make the dimples less noticeable over time.

Use Retinol Cream

Nothing really cures the cellulite problem, but if you work Retinol cream into your daily routine, you’ll find that it helps in firming up the outer layer of your skin. Pick a product with 0.3% Retinol and use it consistently for about 6 months to see optimum results.

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