Recently people have been on the lookout for Eczema. Eczema is a condition that causes inflammations on the skin. The patches of eczema can vary from person to person. It is usually a red, or inflamed, or scaly, or dry, or crusted itchy patch. It is bound to occur in different areas of your body at different times (generally on the neck, inner elbow joints, behind knees). You can suffer from eczema as a child or an adult. Generally, eczema is cured as you turn into an adult, but sometimes it continues through your adulthood.

The causes of eczema are undetermined but usually it is triggered by these factors.

  • Environmental Factors
  • Immunological Factors
  • Hereditary

When one of the factors affects your skin, it contributes to inflammations and flare-ups. This leads to scratching and in turn, makes the condition worse.

The prevalence of Eczema is approximately around 20% in children and 10% in adults across the world. The symptoms of this condition can range from mild to severe and has an immense negative slam on the quality of life. Like the causes of the disease, the symptoms too vary from person to person.

On the brighter side, precautionary measures help avoid flare-ups and reduce its severity and intensity.


Like most skin diseases even Eczema is affected by the type of food consumed. Food does not cause eczema but can trigger the condition. It is advisable to get tested and make yourself aware of the food unsuitable and avoid it with the consultation of a doctor.


Stress is a dominant factor that contributes to eczema outbreaks. Reduce both physical and mental stress through yoga, meditations and so on and keep stress under control.

Hot and Cold Temperatures and Sweating

Eczema can be triggered by extreme climates. Heat causes sweating and this aids to the increase in the inflammation caused by the condition. On the other hand, cold weather dries the skin and this aggravates the condition too. Refrain from sweating and keep your skin well moisturized when dry.


Viruses present in the air are a threat to people suffering from eczema. The bacteria or virus infects eczema and makes the condition worse. One must be very well aware of the symptoms of the infections and what causes it.


Common factors in the environment like pollen, dust, animal fur and so on can heighten the condition. To keep your rash under control, ensure you know the allergens that intensify the condition and take measures to avoid it.

Eczema is a condition that can have a life-altering impact on you. It is best you keep it under control with awareness and the right treatment.

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