Ever feel that the soles of your feet itch terribly? Do you have cracked feet?

It’s just a few cracks, you think. It will go away with time. However, it doesn’t. Now what to do?

What exactly are cracked feet?

The skin on the soles of our feet are tough and dry. There are no oil glands there, and so it is difficult to keep the skin moist. With time, the skin gets drier. It gets red, flaky and starts peeling. Then as the dryness increases, the skin starts to crack, mostly on the heels. If the condition isn’t treated, the cracks can widen and go deeper into the skin layers. That is extremely painful, and the cracks may bleed or discharge fluid. The skin can also get infected and intensify the problem.

Why do feet crack?

People affected by diabetes, thyroid issues, athletes foot, psoriasis and other skin conditions can have cracked feet. Usually, improper feet care, skin dryness, increased exposure to water and coldness, or standing for a long time on hard floors can cause this problem. Overweight people might find their feet starting to crack, as their feet are under more pressure. Corns and calluses can also lead to cracked feet over time.

How to treat cracked feet?

Keeping the foot exfoliated and moisturized can be a great way to stop the cracks from becoming worse. Use natural oils, avoid skin irritants and keep the skin hydrated. Removing the dead, peeling skin off the heels also helps heal the cracks. This can be done by soaking the feet in warm water and softening the skin before using a pumice stone to remove the dead skin. Rubbing some foot cream after rinsing and wearing socks overnight can alleviate the symptoms.

There are other home remedies that can also help.

Wearing proper sized shoes that allow the feet to breathe and avoid too much sweating is a good idea. Applying olive oil or coconut oil and massaging can help with the itching and dryness. Having Vitamin-E rich foods also help.

There are a lot of foot creams available to treat this condition as well.

Cracked heels can be very painful, not to mention unsightly. It makes standing alone very difficult. Healing the cracks can help you be active and be free from the pain.

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