Can vodka make you glow?

Vodka is known for many things, from easing intense conversations to improving your confidence on the dance floor. Yet, it has never been touted as a beauty enhancer. In reality, however, vodka can act as a wonderful beauty aid to make your skin glow and your hair shine.

Vodka, the astringent

Vodka can help tighten pores, rid the face of dirt and grime, and give it a deep cleanse. A useful technique is to dip a ball of cotton in a concoction of green tea and vodka, and apply it on the face, just as you would a regular toning product. An ideal mix would be one and a half teaspoons of vodka added to a boiled jug of green tea. Diluted watermelon juice can also act as a great substitute for green tea.

Vodka, the wrinkle stopper

Although you can’t completely arrest wrinkles, you can definitely slow down their development. Try blending vodka, honey and fennel, then rub the mixture on to your face gently. Leave it on for about twenty minutes before washing it off.

Vodka, the razor cleaner

To keep your skin feeling smooth and soft, it is essential to maintain a squeaky clean razor. Soak your razor in vodka to remove rust and bacteria and run it over your skin. You’ll notice that you’re left feeling silky smooth.

Vodka, the hair spray

Who knew that vodka could help you keep your hair smelling fragrant and fresh? Add two lemons to two cups of water and simmer on a low flame for about twenty minutes. Transfer the liquid to a spray bottle and add a table spoon of vodka. Voila! You’re left with an aromatic on-demand hairspray.

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