Back acne is back!

back acne

There has been a lot of talk of facial acne. It’s unsightly and so we try everything we can to get rid of it. However, in 61 percent of acne cases, the pustules are in the back and the chest. Surprised? This is called truncal acne. Truncal acne This is just acne that appears in …


Don’t Squeeze that Pimple! | Teenage Acne

teenage acne

Aargh! She yelled and sped to the bathroom, rummaging for make up to cover up the big pimple that had popped up on her forehead. As she didn’t want her friends to make fun of her for that. She was fourteen and every pimple was a big deal. As puberty starts to kick in, many teenagers find that they …


6 foods that trigger adult acne

Puberty and adolescence is a harrowing period for most boys and girls due to the one irritating condition that makes their social life miserable – acne. As an adult, you rejoice that at last you’ve been rid of those lousy zits all over your face. But wait, mother nature doesn’t let you off that easily! …