Why you should lose those high heels?

Lose Those Heels

Let’s face it. Who doesn’t admire a woman walking around on a pair of high heels? They make a woman appear taller and also draw attention to her well rounded calves. It seems to have become common practice to wear high heels with any outfit while going out. However, with this style comes a lot …


How Regular Exercise Can Reduce Lower Back Pain?

lower back pain

Lower-back pain is a common health concern, worldwide. It can have considerable impact on well-being and finances as it can create disabilities amongst patients, leading them to take time off work. Lack of activity can be a direct cause of back pain. Sedentary lifestyle can cause certain muscles to shut down, and when that happens – …


Simple Workouts to Beat the Back Pain

Back Pain Workouts

Back pain is on the rise among our population due to the changes in our lifestyle. Nowadays, we spend a lot of time sitting in the office, school, university or at home. At the office, our breaks involve a few minutes of walking, to probably pick up a tea or coffee. With the arrival of well-connected …