Allergy triggers that can be life-threatening

Allergy Trigger

Anaphylaxis is an allergic reaction that can be life-threatening. Your immune system overreacts to certain proteins in the the offending substance called allergens. The reactions can be due to latex, insect stings, foods and medications. Usually allergic symptoms occur only in one location of the body, but some people can have more severe anaphylactic reactions. In this …


What exactly is a balanced and healthy diet?

healthy diet

A good, balanced diet is always recommended to stay fit and healthy. To fight and get over any disorder, a proper diet is essential. A balanced / healthy diet There are lots of diet fads and nutrient enriched-supplements available to us. Perhaps, trying to eat according to a strict diet plan is not the best …


Healthy Eating for High Blood Pressure

high blood pressure

Blood pressure is important for life. It is the force that maintains circulation of blood to all vital and working areas of the body. However, when the same pressure exceeds its normal limits, it can also cause various problems. Among these problems are brain bleeds, heart attacks and kidney failure. One of the best and earliest ways …


Why are Potatoes Good for Your Heart?


Potatoes usually get a bad name for being the vegetable in fried foods. However, did you know that potatoes have a lot of health benefits? This vegetable was first cultivated in South America, specifically the Andes. They were brought to Europe by the Spanish, in the early 16th century, after which it spread like wild …


5 Unhealthy Ingredients in Fast Food

Fast Food

In India, we have a long-standing tradition of consuming fast food. The chaat culture or the evolution of street food has created a variety of gastronomic creations. Traditional dishes from across the country have been adapted for the fast food setting, which means they might contain some unhealthy ingredients. These ingredients enhance the flavour and help feed a larger proportion of …


Is Fat-Free Food Always Healthier?

Fat-Free Food

Based on a very feeble scientific substantiation, the conventional low-fat diet has been meticulously disproved. Cut out fat and you won’t get fat, right? Not really! Eating fat doesn’t make you fat! However, if you eat fat with disproportionate carbohydrates from sugars and refined grains it definitely will. Not only are fats an essential nutrient …


5 Super Foods to Help You Drop Those Pounds

Super foods weightloss

Weight loss essentially involves consuming fewer calories than the body burns. Pick foods that make you feel full for longer and those that boost your metabolism to help you get in shape just a little bit faster.Here’s what to add to your basket the next time you go shopping. Dark Chocolate A study that was done …