Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (CABG) or Cardiac Bypass surgery, as it is commonly known, is a complex heart surgery. It re-establishes blood supply to the part of the heart muscle having impaired or nil supply due to a blockage in the coronary arteries perfusing the heart. Several advancements in this field of surgery have been made over the last decade. One that is particularly interesting is the ability to perform these surgeries via telemedicine by remotely located cardiac experts.


In a limited media release earlier today, eClinic247, the pioneering teleconsultation start-up, based out of Bangalore, announced the successful completion of the 100th cardiac bypass surgery using their telemedicine App. The 8-hour long surgery was performed on 31st March by a team of general surgeons at the District General Hospital in Imphal (Manipur), as they were provided remote instructions by Dr. John Hyde, consultant cardiothoracic surgeon at the Royal Sussex County Hospital, UK. A block in the left anterior descending artery (one of the main arteries supplying blood to the left side of the heart) was successfully bypassed, using a saphenous vein graft from the patient’s thigh.

“This is a breakthrough surgical procedure using technology to overcome the dearth of suitably trained cardiothoracic surgeons in remote and underserved regions. We successfully completed the marathon surgery using a telemedicine app, where the operating team did not have any prior experience in carrying out coronary bypass grafting and were surgeons used to operating only on hernias and other general surgeries.”

Dr. John Hyde, MBBS, FRCS (UK), Royal Sussex County Hospital.

The procedure is widely anticipated to bring down the cost of cardiac bypass surgery by as much as 40% and will enable the surgery to be carried out even in tier II and III cities, where cardiothoracic surgeons’ accessibility is very low.

The ecstatic surgical team from Imphal report that the patient was stable after the surgery and was recovering well. More information about the stellar achievement in telemedicine is anticipated to be released later today by the Medical Superintendent, General Hospital, Imphal.

Source: Press Release, dated 1st April

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